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Elasticsearch Configuration and Performance Tuning

Elasticsearch Configuration In this post, we will be talking about how to make Elasticsearch(1.7.x) more stable and performant. Before we start, you can see the difference between test results; Before Tuning After Tuning Successful calls 5000 5000 Total time 10.94 s 4.73 s Average 1.92 s 0.76 s Fastest 0.17 s 0.09 s Slowest 4.95 ...

Loki ile Service Bazlı Distributed Locking

Bu makale kapsamında, çatısı altında geliştirip bazı uygulamalarımızda kullandığımız Loki kütüphanesinden sizlere bahsedeceğiz.

Conventional Dependency Injection in Autofac

Instead of containing a definition or hello-world Autofac basics, this article will focus on bringing new aspect to registration and composition root that we currently use on some projects at Trendyol Dependency injection, which is a must and a very useful asset, provides a nice loosely coupled and structured capability whenever you develop an enterprise ...